Spenser Hale

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20011- Present

OS Training

An organization that trains individuals on open source software.


A video learning and example exercises  program organization that trains individuals on a wide range of  software and techniques.

2009- 2011

Clear Lake High School- Volunteer Lab Technician

Learned Web Design, Server Administration, and How to Explain/ Teach individuals who don’t have computer knowledge or background.



PBHS – Web Developer

From updating photos to changing design and structure of site, anything the customer wants to change I can handle.


Riviera Computers Inc. – Store Manager

I ran the store completely dealing with Accounting, Inventory, Managing Employees, Corporate Sales, and Senior Technician


Riviera Computers Inc. - Lead IT Technician

I was a lead Technician handling: Computer Security, Network Infrastructure, Server Administration.


Riviera Computers Inc. - IT Technician

I was standard Technician handling: Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Errors, Hardware Upgrades/ Replacements, Operating System Formats, etc.


Riviera Computers Inc. - Intern/ Web Designer

I brought in as an intern and trained to do PC work and Web Design.


Web Developer: 90%
Web Design: 80%
Wordpress Developer: 70%
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